Genealogy of Fieldwork in Architecture(2018)



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過ぎ去った時を超えて、幻の建築家たちとの交信。その記録。それにしても、どうして彼等は、私たちの訪れを知っていたのだろうか。 ー原広司(建築家/東京大学名誉教授)

ここには僕自身も影響を受けた多くの先達がいる。建築のフィールドワークとは、文化の多様性の豊かさに触れる未知との遭遇の旅だ。 ー古谷誠章(建築家/早稲田大学教授/日本建築学会会長)

Resettlement from Tsunami Disasters(2016)



Rural and urban sustainability governance(2014)

Rural and urban sustainability governance (Multilevel Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development),United Nations University Press, 2014

The rural and urban communities have a distinct structure, function and dynamism, which provide us with livelihood and define our lives through our various daily activities. Circumstances surrounding the rural and urban communities are increasingly changing, such as with the rapid development towards globalization, and consequently the number of challenges needing solutions seems to be ever on the increase.

The focus of this book is on the rural and urban environments, and the wide-ranging representations of various players’ interacting activities that preserve or destroy these environments. The key issues contemporary to the rural and urban communities include appropriate overall environmental governance involving collaboration and competition among different actors, preservation or creation of a rich and lively living environment, and a search for ways to ensure the inheritance of our greatest assets for following generations.

This book attempts to elucidate the following issues: how we may use rural and urban sustainability as beacons for taking relevant and necessary policy measures and for community activities, and how to further ameliorate such measures and activities. The question of rural and urban sustainability is both specific and rich in context, and offers excellent cases for extracting the essence of multi-layered environmental governance. This volume presents current key academic findings, while also considering interactions between humans and nature, such as local resource management through the commons, and rural–urban interdependence.

Ch.18 Roles of micro finance in critical environmental transition by natural disaster -Case study of resettlement after the Indian Ocean Tsunami in 2004 

Cross-sectoral Research on Restoration Support after Natural Disasters(2010)