The future created by continuous fieldwork (2019)

日本建築学会比較居住文化小委員会 拡大委員会 継続的建築フィールドワークが拓く未来:ベトナムにおける研究の展開、プロジェクトの発生、フィールドの変化

Although Vietnam adopted the Doi Moi policy in 1986 and started working on cooperation with the international community, fieldwork by Western researchers was still rare. In 1994, a comprehensive survey of the townscape of Hoi An’s old town in central Vietnam was conducted. Based on this experience, the field has been expanded to other cities in Vietnam and other countries, but fieldwork in Hoi An continues every year. The possibility of fieldwork is considered from the development of research and field changes due to continued involvement in the field for over 25 years.